Third-Party Controllership Functions

Zinner & Co. brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industries. Built on the solid foundation of accounting principles, we can evaluate best practices and bring them to you.

Controllership services include:

  • Accurate, meaningful & timely financial reporting
  • Measurement of divisional & departmental performance
  • Managerial analysis & planning such as, variance analysis, break-even analysis, & lease versus buy analysis
  • Management of assets, including cash, accounts receivable and inventory
  • Development and implementation of accounting policies & procedures
  • Control of costs

Zinner & Co.'s controllership services help business owners by providing:

  • Access to financial expertise on an interim basis or for a specific project
  • Financial confidentiality & oversight
  • An improved understanding of operational performance & a better foundation for operational decisions
  • Increased profitability & improved cash flow