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For more than 80 years, Zinner & Co. has worked to make a difference throughout Northeast Ohio by not only providing our clients with exceptional service, but going the extra mile to understand what makes their business, organization or family unique. We believe in treating our clients like family. 

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The Gathering Place

gathering_place_logo"When I learned that Zinner & Co. was submitting an application for the Pillar Award for Community Service, it gave me great pleasure to take some time to share my thoughts about why their firm is qualified for this honor.

I have gotten to know many people at Zinner both personally and professionally. After using them for years to do my own taxes, I joined the staff of The Gathering Place and learned that the organization used Zinner for our annual audit. Who would have thought I would enjoy spending so much time with accountants!? The staff at Zinner is always extremely professional and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to regularly donating a significant portion of their fee for our audit, they also have regularly sponsored our annual fundraisers.

Although donating their time and money would be enough for some organizations, Zinner regularly goes "the extra mile" for The Gathering Place (and I know they do this for other organizations as well). Ever year, our organization hosts a major fundraiser, Race for the Place. This 5K run and walk is held on the first Sunday in June, which is National Cancer Survivors' Day. Not only is Zinner a sponsor of the event, but they put together a team for the event and this year even printed their own shirts to wear on Race day. When I recently visited their website, I noticed they posted photos from the Race on their blog and detailed with great pride the members of their team who won awards in our event. The personal interest their employees take in our event is something truly special and we could not be more pleased to have Zinner & Co as our partner.

As an organization, The Gathering Place truly benefits from our association with Zinner & Co. and it is my honor to enthusiastically recommend them for this award."

Former Director of Operations
The Gathering Place


Pepco-Logo-Color+Bulldog"I would like to take this time to thank you for all the support you have provided over the last 30+ years of our relationship. You have gone well above the traditional role of an accountant by continuing to support us as a confidant, consultant, and friend. Many professional individuals take on considerable amounts of responsibility in their daily task-oriented projects, but they lose sight of the personal attention that is critical to any successful business relationship. You have provided all the necessary support as directed by your job functions while also identifying the key components of our goals. Because you have taken the time to understand our company and actually believe in our plight, you have earned a distinguished role in our difficult decision making processes.

I also want to thank you specifically for your support during the first three years of my Presidency here at PEPCO. You played an important role in our transition to second generation and provided significant amounts of useful information that helped facilitate this transition. You stood by my side during our first successful M&A attempt, you have helped enhance my Financial Management skills, and you have provided strategic insights to our structured growth plan."

Joseph Borkey
Professional Electric Products, Inc.


Wallace Industries

"Many entrepreneurs, whether starting up a business or acquiring another, often rely on a gut feeling that tells them if a particular endeavor or an additional acquisition is a smart idea. Since 1985, I’ve relied upon Zinner & Company to qualify such feelings. The most satisfying aspect of their work is the way they orchestrate things behind the scenes and the thoroughness of their work that not only puts me at the helm of a new business in a few short weeks, but the resulting cost savings with the other professionals involved in the acquisition. I have always professed that behind every successful business you will find a strong accounting firm that has an impeccable relationship with the local banking industry.”


Consulting Service Company

"Our business has grown in terms of services offered and the number of states we’re doing business in. In less than seven years, we’ve grown from one owner/provider in one state to over a hundred and twenty service providers in many states. We have partnered with Zinner because they help in many ways that you may not associate with an accounting firm. They’ve helped with multiple state business issues, business transition, referrals of other professional service providers, accounting assistance, and even computer help."

Finance Director
Consulting Service Company

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