Audit & Assurance Services

Compilations, Reviews, & Audited Financial Statements

Audit & Assurance Services

From businesses needing capital to a nonprofit’s corporate donors requesting financial assurance before committing to a major campaign, Zinner & Co.'s Audit and Assurance Team will provide you with the right services for your unique needs.


An audit is the highest level of assurance service and will often fulfill the requirements of outside third parties. In addition to the work performed in a compilation and review, audits also include transaction testing, understanding internal controls, and assessing fraud risk.

Zinner & Co. auditors are well versed in auditing standards and principles and invest the highest degree of integrity in each of our audit engagements. We stake our reputation on each financial statement we sign.

Reviews and Compilations

A reviewed financial statement provides limited assurance of an entity’s financial position. We perform inquiries of management and conduct analytical procedures of current and prior year results. Although the required procedures of a review are far less thorough than an audit, it often suits the needs of our clients. Our team of professionals also takes the time to communicate recommendations that could improve your business.

A compilation provides an independent third-party perspective on the information being presented by management in the form of financial statements. It can be for internal purposes or for external requirements, such as bank loan covenants. Though no assurances are provided on the information presented, our input can provide feedback to management as to how your company is performing.

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