Third Party Administration Services

Zinner & Co's. Third Party Administration Services Group (TPA Group) is a team of retirement plan compliance and advisory specialists committed to efficiently servicing our clients' employee benefit plans, while ensuring a high quality thoughtful product is produced.

This group seeks to maximize all tax planning opportunities while performing all TPA services to truly act as the employer's trusted gatekeeper for the retirement plan. In addition, since all retirement plan sponsors are considered plan fiduciaries, we work with plan sponsors to ensure proper compliance with all plan features and advise our clients about this dynamic area.

We understand both income taxation and retirement plan compliance issues and provide a unique blend of both disciplines as we work with your company's retirement plan.

Specific Third Party Administration services we provide include the following:

  • Verification of employer deduction limit (IRC Section 404)
  • Annual discrimination coverage testing (IRC Section 410(b))
  • Annual additions limitations testing (IRC Section 415)
  • Annual individual contribution limitations testing (IRC Section 402(g))
  • Top-heavy testing
  • Participant eligibility analysis, including vesting & forfeiture computations
  • Balance forward trust accounting & summary transaction analysis of plan activity
  • Vested balances for distributions & loans (as applicable)
  • Plan distributions & withholding filings - preparation of Forms 1099-R, 1096 & 945
  • Maintenance of loan balances & repayments
  • Transfers & future investment changes (as prescribed by the plan document)
  • Valuations as agreed upon & provided in the plan document
  • Tracking of employee service history for vesting & allocation purposes
  • Management of required minimum distributions (age 70 1/2)

401(k) Plans Only

  • Annual non-discrimination testing (ADP/ACP)
  • Participant 401(k) match calculation & verification

Annual Tax Compliance

  • Preparation of Form 5500 & all related schedules, including efile** submission
  • Form 5330 Excise Tax for late remedy of 401(k) Plan discrimination testing (as applicable)
** (We use a process for efiling that is completely client service oriented)