Family Office Services

Turn-key solutions for family estates with complex requirements

For some clients, the design and set-up of their income and estate planning structure can be extremely complex and the administration of these entities can be cumbersome.

In order to assist in making sure the integrity of the planning process is maintained, we work with many high net worth clients in acting as their “back office” or accounting department to administer a wide variety of financial and tax services.

These services are performed in order to achieve the greatest efficiency needed to design, implement and maintain the account activity necessary to meet the client’s needs. We work as members of an advisory team and often quarterback all necessary communication and reporting to keep all members of the team working toward the client’s goals.

Some examples of these family office services include:

  • Bookkeeping and check writing services
  • Bank account maintenance and reconciliation
  • Portfolio record keeping and reporting
  • Coordination of professional advisors including attorneys, financial service providers, insurance planners, and others

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