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Real estate investors should consider many factors when planning to sell or transfer their holdings.

Regardless of sale or transfer, the tax ramifications may play an important part in defining your strategy. Along with the tax consequences, one should also consider:

  • Profitability and condition of property
  • Timing of sale or transfer
  • Valuation strategies
  • Appraisal and negotiations

Sale considerations:

  • Sale of property outright
  • Sale of the entity holding the property
  • Divesting or changing the type of property holding
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Investment (non- income producing)
      • Tax free sale of property
      • Installment sale or Land Contract
      • Bargain sale
      • Short sale

Transfer considerations:

  • Through estate planning
      • Placing property in trust for the benefit of others
      • Gift to individual or charity
  • Redemption of interest in the entity owning the real estate
  • Forced transfer
      • Deed-in-lieu
      • Foreclosure
      • Bankruptcy

We can assist you in analyzing your options and defining the strategy that best meets your needs and financial goals. 

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