Business Tax Department Outsourcing

Business Tax Services

Trust the Tax Experts at Zinner & Co. to help you make choices on a variety of financial and operational matters that have significant impact on your tax liability. 

Business owners and managers are required to constantly make decisions which may have a profound impact on their tax burden at a federal, international, state, and local level. In many cases, these decisions must be made by management teams that lack expertise in the very specialized area of taxation. The tax professionals at Zinner & Co. can act as the "tax department"  for these organizations, assisting in managing the complexities of tax compliance, planning, and dispute resolution.

Some of the business tax department outsourcing services we provide include:

  • Preparation of Federal, State, and Local Tax Returns
  • Resolution of Tax Compliance Notices
  • Management of Federal, State, and Local Tax Audits
  • Preparation of Tax Provisions, Deferred Taxes, and Related Adjustments
  • Analysis & Documentation of Uncertain Tax Positions

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