Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes and no two employers will have the exact set of circumstances or goals for the plan they sponsor. This is where the Zinner & Co. retirement plan advisory team rises to the occasion! We will work with your ERISA attorney to help design a plan to meet your specific goals, while ensuring you are maximizing all potential benefits.

If a custom plan document isn't what you need, our team will help you complete the prototype or volume submitter plan adoption agreement, in order to make sure all of your options are explained concisely and your goals followed. Many times we find an employer's plan document and the employer's understanding of how their plan operates (according to the plan document) out of alignment. Our team can help get you to where you want and need to be with your retirement plan documentation.

We provide you with various scenarios so you can understand the opportunities that are before you in designing the perfect plan for your company. Whether it is a sophisticated structure or one of the simplest, we are always your best resource to help guide you through the plan designing process. At Zinner & Co. we have the right retirement plan solutions for your business.

In addition to compliance work, we have performed research and analysis of several matters relating to qualified retirement plans. This includes advising whether or not to establish a plan, what type of plan, and how much to contribute in a given year. A partial list of research and consulting matters is shown below:

Optional Services Charged by Hourly Rates:

  • Plan termination
  • Correction of a failed ADP/ACP test (401k plans only)
  • Consulting services as requested. A partial list of research and consulting matters:
        • Cash or deferred arrangements
        • Short plan years
        • Shared employees
        • Minimum distributions
        • Excess distributions
        • Taxation of distributions (averaging versus rollover)
        • Partial terminations
        • Prohibited transactions
        • Affiliated service groups
        • Minimum coverage and participation rules
        • Top-heavy plan issues
        • Permitted disparity
        • Leased employees
        • Age-weighted profit sharing plans
        • Form 1099R and Form 945 compliance
        • Plan spin-offs and mergers
        • Internal Revenue Service Examination
        • Department of Labor Examination