Firm Background

Zinner & Co. LLP evolved as a result of many individuals and different companies who have come together to form the current organization. 

Harry Zinner started his practice in 1938 as a sole practitioner. Harry's practice was largely a bookkeeping practice, doing work for many small businesses in the Greater Cleveland area. In 1966, his son, Donald Zinner, left Price Waterhouse and joined his father's firm. In 1967, Don became a Partner and the Firm was renamed Zinner & Zinner. 

David Antine, a sole practitioner, merged his practice with Zinner & Zinner in 1972 and the name was changed to Harry Zinner & Co. David worked for Coopers & Lybrand prior to operating as a sole practitioner. Harry Zinner retired in 1977. 

In 1985, David Antine left Harry Zinner & Co. and became a Partner at another local firm: Shapers, Friedman & Brode, Inc. Six years later, this firm and Harry Zinner & Co. merged. 

Shapers, Friedman & Brode began as a partnership between Cy Shapers and Sid Brode in 1971. Ten years later, Shapers and Brode merged with Myron Friedman, a sole practitioner, to become Shapers, Friedman & Brode, Inc. Cy Shapers retired in 1984 and Myron Friedman retired in 1989. 

After David left Harry Zinner & Co., the Firm merged with another sole practitioner, Gary Hamos, who became a partner. Gary Hamos passed away in March, 1990. 

Jack Kauvar became associated with Harry Zinner & Co. in 1989. His practice was not merged into the partnership until Harry Zinner & Co. and Shapers, Friedman & Brode, Inc. merged on January 1, 1991. The merged Firm was renamed SFB-Zinner & Co. In 1994, the name was shortened to Zinner & Co. LLP.  

Rabe, Adler & Co. started as a partnership between Leonard Rabe and Gabor Adler in 1984. Ten years later, Gabor Adler became Managing Partner of this firm and then merged with Zinner & Co. LLP on January 1, 1996. 

Krause, Kass & Associates, LLC (formerly Unger, Krause & Associates, Inc.) merged with Zinner & Co. LLP effective January 1, 2001. Krause, Kass & Associates, LLC had roots dating back to the 1940's. This merger brought Howard Kass into the partner group.

Donald Zinner stepped down from the Managing Partner’s role at the end of December 2002 and formally retired from the firm in April 2007. Robin Baum assumed the role of Managing Partner on January 1, 2003 and continues in this role today. 

In December of 2018, Gabor Adler and Howard Kass retired from Zinner & Co. 

Over the years, Zinner & Co. LLP has become one of Greater Cleveland’s largest local certified public accounting and management consulting firms in Northeastern Ohio.