Firm Events & Activities

A company that works together, plays together and we strongly believe in maintaining a positive morale among our staff members.

Therefore, we plan a variety of Firm events throughout the year that bring our employees together.


  • Holiday luncheon
  • Summer picnic
  • Wine and cheese/beer tasting event (during tax season as a stress reliever)
  • After tax season party
  • Kick-off cookouts – Zinner University
  • Chili and cultural dish cookoffs


Monthly Book Club

Zinner & Co. prides itself on coming up with fun, creative ways of employee interaction and involvement within the firm. After years of inter-company book swapping, a few employees took it a step further to create the official “Zinner Book Club.” With nine co-ed members currently, they discuss a different theme-based selection each month, chosen from group recommendations. The idea of themes (i.e., action, humor, memoir, etc.) was implemented in an attempt to broaden most of the general reading biases. With little formality established, this ever-evolving book club has become an entertaining, innovative means to relate with co-workers who share a love for reading. Since the club’s inception in May, those involved have expressed positive feedback and are enjoying the camaraderie associated with getting to know one another on a different level.