Our Culture

Above all else, Zinner & Co, seeks to foster the following to benefit our customers and our employees:

Friendly, Collaborative Working Environment

Maintaining an enjoyable working environment that is motivating, friendly and dynamic is key to our success at Zinner & Co. Our staff members gain valuable hands-on experience by working together and directly with clients on a collaborative and/or individual basis, making a friendly and open environment crucial to our work.

Opportunities to Learn, Grow & Further Education

Whether it’s an internship or a full-time position, Zinner & Co. plays a fundamental role in training and developing all members of the team. We are committed to giving interns the exposure they need to launch a career and our staff members the continuing education they need to excel and advance within the industry and our Firm.

Zinner University – Training of Software, Processes & Procedures

The Zinner University program is put in place to ensure that employees are up-to-date and have a great understanding of all the latest programs, processes and procedures within our Firm. We feel this is an integral component to the success of our Firm and is a launching pad for our employees in building a meaningful, long-term career with us.

Dedication to Community Service

Our dedication to helping and reaching out a hand to the community and those in need is a top priority for Zinner & Co. We strive to give back in any unique way possible and take special pride in supporting causes that are directly tied to the interests of our employees and close community.

Establishing Meaningful Careers

At Zinner & Co. we are committed to calculating success not only for our clients, but for our interns and staff members at all levels. We understand the importance of fostering growth and building meaningful careers that are fulfilling, long-standing and worthwhile. We work with every employee to make sure their gained experience is aligned with their professional goals, while also providing them with benefit packages that are comprehensive and competitive.