Real Estate Services

Zinner & Co. real estate services can address any and all real estate needs for our clients, who include successful land developers, contractors and property managers, as well as owners of office, residential and warehouse buildings.

We can do this because Zinner & Co. real estate professionals have dealt with the myriad issues involved in real estate investment and constantly work to stay on top of real estate tax issues.

Our real estate professionals know tax law, tax accounting and real estate investing. Therefore, our clients know that they can rely on our expertise to make informed decisions when buying and selling properties and to gain a full understanding of the tax implications for any real estate transaction.

We analyze your personal and business involvement in your real estate property to determine the most advantageous tax treatment. Zinner also simplifies the process of preparing the necessary property management reports to save time and easily show the actual status of your property. 

Accounting Services

The real estate group at Zinner & Co. focuses on providing accounting services to meet your individual needs. As experienced financial and business advisors to many real estate professionals, we understand the operational issues your organization faces on a daily basis. Whether you are a property developer, manager, owner or syndicator, we can help you develop a solid accounting function within your organization.

Our broad range of real estate accounting services includes:

Advisory Services

The real estate advisors at Zinner & Co. help clients make better real estate decisions. As experienced real estate professionals, we work on behalf of property owners, investors, analysts and tenants. We assist in evaluating single locations or entire portfolios of real estate. Our services focus on helping clients succeed in their business with thorough real estate analysis. 

Our broad range of real estate advisory services includes:

Specialized Services

Other specialized real estate services include: