Financial Modeling, Budgeting & Projections

Zinner & Co. can help develop a financial model for your business. A financial planning model integrates all company functions. Through the model future expectations are demonstrated based on educated assumptions. Management should be able to move toward finding the best course of action among various alternatives by simulation. The financial model is a tool that helps to provide a strategic direction for your business.

Financial models or projections ask "What would happen if…?". Whereas, forecasts present what you think is going to happen. In other words, a forecast quantifies your expectations and your intended course of action. Often forecasts are needed by lenders, investors and other external users. Zinner & Co. can help document your significant assumptions and compile the financial statements based upon your plans.

A budget details your plans to acquire and use resources. At the beginning of the period, the budget is a plan. At the end of the period, it serves as a control device to help measure your company's performance against the plan so that future performance may be improved. Zinner & Co. would work with your management team to develop a budget. Often, budgets are used to advise the board of directors and we can help to interpret the financial results and position of your operations.