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Millennial Matters: Why Good Debt Isn’t Bad

Posted by Zinner & Co. Tax Department on Nov 2, 2017 12:38:56 PM

Debt, for many, is synonymous with life. By the time an individual turns eighteen, they will have likely been introduced to the world of debt through credit card and personal loan offers in which the lure of ‘access to excess’ overrides personal responsibility.

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How Can I Possibly Plan at Age 30?

Posted by Eric James on Aug 30, 2017 8:34:42 AM

Financial planning at any age can be challenging, and more so, when one is approaching or a few years removed from turning 30. So many life-changing events that ultimately, affect one's personal budget. 

Every so often, we come across a great article that catches our attention and hits the nail on the head. We are thrilled to share this great read with you from Anne Bucciarelli and the folks at Bernstein.com. 

Did you like it too? Drop us a line; we'd love to hear from you and should you have any questions about financial planning, tax strategies, or business advisory, we're happy to help and ready to start the conversation. Contact us at 216.831.0733 or info@zinnerco.com 

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Topics: financial planning, Eric James, Millennial Concepts


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