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7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Succession Planning

Posted by Zinner & Co. on Oct 1, 2019 4:16:00 AM


At Zinner, we regard ourselves as fortunate to have worked with several of the best multi-generational businesses in Northeast Ohio. It’s always rewarding to see a highly successful business passed into the hands of a willing and able successor who continues to lead it.

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7 Things to Consider Before Acquiring a Competitor

Posted by Zinner & Co. on Aug 27, 2019 5:51:00 AM


One of the fastest and most effective ways to gain momentum and market share is through the acquisition of a competitor. Acquiring a competitor has two distinct advantages – it allows you to eliminate competition; and it allows you to gain new products, customers and employees.

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Seven Things to Consider When Buying out a Partner

Posted by Zinner & Co. Tax Team on Oct 16, 2018 6:10:00 AM

With an increasing number of baby boomers reaching retirement age, business owners are choosing to leave the workforce. This means the end of a partnership and a change in the way you do business.

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Using a Buy-Sell Agreement to Establish Estate Tax Value

Posted by DeAnna Alger, CPA on Sep 13, 2016 2:56:59 PM

Many closely-held business owners devote the majority of their lives to developing a successful business. 

Therefore, as part of their estate planning strategy, small business owners want to ensure that the worth of their business is properly valued, especially if the business must be sold in order to pay estate taxes.  If drafted properly, a buy-sell agreement is an effective tool that can be used to set the value of a closely-held business interest. 

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The Importance of a Business Valuation

Posted by Zinner & Co. on Jun 9, 2015 10:19:00 AM

By Zinner & Co. 

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