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LAND studio – Transforming Open Spaces for the Greater Social Good

Posted by Zinner & Co. on Jun 17, 2020 5:17:21 PM
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In the wake of recent protesting over racial inequality and injustice, LAND studio stands with those, who are using the public realm to speak out.

LAND studio logoThe mission of LAND studio is to create places and connect people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning and dynamic programming.

They are a gatekeeper to public arts investment and look for ways their work can better reflect Cleveland’s diverse neighborhoods and eliminate barriers to participation. As dialogue related to racial equity and inclusion continues to evolve, they are committed to creating and maintaining opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, gender, ability or the community in which they live.

LAND studio’s projects improve communities by providing well-designed public spaces, activated through art and programming. These spaces provide places for neighbors to gather and reflect the communities where they are located.

Megan Jones“We advocate for public spaces and public art that can be enjoyed by all people. At their best, accessible public spaces connect people of all backgrounds, bring joy, allow for the sharing of ideas, and become places for people to demonstrate their power through protest and to articulate their visions for the future,” said Megan Jones, LAND studio Director of Marketing and Special Events. “Public space is where democracy happens. We believe that access to these spaces is not a nice-to-have, but is essential to the health of our urban communities.”

LAND studio believes in the power of public space to transform and unite. Working with artists, designers, organizations and residents to create inclusive places, which represent the aspirations of the communities, they are creating inspiring projects and bringing about change for the greater social good.

The redevelopment of Public Square transformed a place once labeled as one of  “the worst public spaces in America” into a welcoming area, which features new and established artists with temporary public art and provides space for respite and recreation.

LAND’s INTER|URBAN program connects public transit riders to some of the most important issues facing our society. Large-scale murals line the RTA Red Line and onboard artwork inspired by Anisfield-Wolf award-winning literature. This honor recognizes authors exploring social justice, diversity and the celebration of all cultures and backgrounds.

LAND ProjectThe Inner City Hues program in Cleveland’s Buckeye neighborhood takes poetry, murals, sculpture and programming to create a collection of artworks inspired by residents. Multiple installations create vibrancy, a sense of place, and opportunities for community engagement

Accessible public spaces connect people of all backgrounds, bring joy, allow for the sharing of ideas, and become places for people to demonstrate their power through protest and to articulate their visions for the future.

Jones said LAND’s freely accessible art installations and public spaces break down barriers to viewing and encourage participation from those, who might not otherwise engage in arts and cultural activities. As COVID-19 has required people to socially distance and have limited recreational pastimes, LAND’s work continues to allow Cleveland residents to benefit from green spaces and art installations in the public realm.

Additionally, recent events regarding the violence against minorities and subsequent protests, have highlighted the relevance and importance of public spaces.

“Well-designed public spaces can be transformed within moments into whatever we need them to be. Without public spaces, group gatherings and community organization would be difficult,” said Jones. “In cities, the public realm is a place where we routinely encounter people who are different from ourselves and all people are free to speak and exercise their beliefs.”

To help support the mission and work of LAND studio, visit their website, land-studio.org.

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